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Roots Excelurator Silver is back!

Roots Excelurator is one of the most powerful root stimulators on the market. Roots Excelurator promotes a healthy membrane around the roots, protecting them from harmful bacteria and fungus, and providing the perfect conditions for explosive root growth.

Roots Excelurator from House and Garden Nutrients is now available in two formulas;
Roots Silver:
>Clean Running in all types of drain to waste and recirulating hydroponic systems, including DWC, Aeroponic or any system that is oxygenated.
>Provides a powerful microbe rich formula without adding thick natural compounds

Roots Gold:
>100% Natural Formula
>Ideal for all soils and mediums consisting of Coco, Peat Moss and Forest Humus
>Loaded with Natural and Organic Compounds, Roots Excel Gold Provides a powerful Microbe Rich Formula

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Growstone Gnat Nix

Scientifically proven Gnat Nix provides an effective, long-lasting physical barrier against fungus gnats. Used as a top dressing, it interrupts gnats’ lifecycles by preventing adult emergence from hatching larvae and deterring females from laying eggs in the growing media. This gnat control is made from 100-percent recycled glass and is free of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

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Down To Earth Organic Fertilizer and Amendments

Down To Earth All Purpose is A gentle, non-burning fertilizer perfect for vegetables, herbs, flowers and container plants, our All Purpose mix is also ideal for all types of transplants. Formulated with top quality OMRI approved organic ingredients and designed to deliver a steady supply of essential nutrients to your plants while enhancing soil fertility and microbial activity naturally. Our best selling fertilizer!

We currently stock most Down To Earth soil building amendments as well such as;
Oyster Shell, Feather Meal, Neem Seed Meal, Langbeinite, Bat Guano, Blood Meal, Fish Bone Meal and Kelp Meal. Everything you NEED to build a healthy organic soil that only requires good water for your plants to thrive!

Sun System, LEC, Ceramic Metal Halide, 315 Watt, Square Wave

Sun System Light Emitting Ceramic Metal Halide

Sun System® LEC™ 315 utilizes cutting edge Light Emitting Ceramic technology. (lamp included). Greatly improved full color light spectrum out of next generation ceramic lamps. Higher amounts of beneficial UV and far red spectrums increase the lamps growth power to the plants.50/60 Hz low frequency, square wave, highly efficient electronic ballast rated for 50,000 hour ballast life. LEC™ 315 driver incorporates built in thermal protection. One year warranty lamp.

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SolisTek MATRIX Digital Ballast

New 10K Metal Halide Finisher
New Low Iron-Glass for SolisTek Reflectors

We now carry the 400W/600W SolisTek Digital Ballast for $249.95
Our flagship ballast choice for digital indoor lighting is the SolisTek 1000/600/400W Digital Ballast with Remote Control and Built-in Digital Timer 120/240v
Multi-Wattage, Multi-Voltage, Dimmable - 8.75A @120v - 4.375A @240v - Generator Ready
(Remote Control Sold Separately, only 1 remote needed for all MATRIX ballasts)
The SolisTek Matrix Ballast is a digital ballast on a software based platform.
SolisTek offers true digital light systems for the horticulture industry.
The SolisTek ballast boasts many exciting new features that are revolutionizing urban gardening!

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Kind LED Grow Lights has created the World’s Best LED Grow Light Fixtures

The K5 Series is comprised of the perfect mix of 3 & 5 Watt Light Emitting Diodes. Each of the three primary ranges of the photosynthetic spectrum can be dimmed and intensified individually to give your plants their ideal spectral ratios from seed straight through to harvest. The K5 Series boasts an extra large footprint that dwarfs those of competing LEDs and now even equals that of traditional grow lighting. The Secondary Optical Lenses individually focus and intensify the output of every single diode, significantly magnifying PAR and increasing canopy penetration. This revolutionary series of LED grow lights will produce the biggest and best yields, while consuming approximately half the electricity and producing a fraction of the heat of HID lighting.

Your Kind K5 will cultivate record breaking yields, both in quantity and quality, while running quieter, cooler, and more efficiently than any other grow light. Guaranteed.

We are now running a test grow and bloom with the K5-1000XL in our 5'X5' Gorilla Grow Tent

CYCO, Hortilux, Solis-Tek, Sunmaster, Organic

Cyco Platinum Series Prokit

The Cyco Platinum ProKit is the perfect choice for all serious gardeners. This complete package of superior formulated products, includes everything required from start to harvest. The ProKit contains an easy to read growth and bloom chart for all mediums. Both Charts are based on a week to week color coded system, making the ProKit one of the most user-friendly Kits available.

Ersa Elixir Bloom Stimuilant

Ersa Elixir

Increase harvests by up to 30%
Increase essential oil production up to 40%
Increase overall health and boost immunity
Fixes common micronutrient deficiencies
Currently available through American Beauty Garden Center

Nectar for The Gods Organic Fertilizer

Nectar For The Gods

Oregon’s Only Organics understands that Nectar For the Gods is not for everyone. It takes a gardener with the special passion and desire to produce the highest quality fruits and vegetables to use this line of nutrients. Nectar For the Gods will never claim the highest yielding plants, the tallest plants etc. etc. But we can tell you that the flavors and the colors and the overall quality will be noticeably better. So if you’re ready to break off from the average gardeners mentality, and you want to impress your friends with your mad gardening skills, give Nectar For the Gods a shot.

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