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Air Filtration

For a clean, healthy indoor environment, air purification is extremely important. Air quality is one of the most overlooked variables of an indoor garden because most airborne pathogens are invisible, but ignoring this factor could invite all sorts of problems into the grow room. We carry carbon filters and HEPA filters for filtering out mold and fungal spores, unwanted pollen, bacteria, odors and even small insects. We also carry a variety of oscillating and inline fans for good air movement in the indoor garden.

Atmospheric Control

Atmospheric control devices help control and maintain correct temperature and humidity in the indoor garden. Fans, heaters, air conditioners, humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be plugged into an atmospheric control device to help maintain a programmed plan developed by the gardener.


Plants are made up of about 80-90 % carbon and water, with other elements like nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and trace elements making up only a small percentage. Carbon dioxide (or CO2) comprises only .03% (300 parts per million, or PPM) of the atmosphere. Almost all of the carbon in plants comes from this minor 300 PPM of CO2 in the air. Below 200 PPM, plants do not have enough CO2 to carry on the photosynthesis process and essentially stop growing. When we carefully add CO2 to the air in the indoor garden, it can increase the yields of the plants growing by a significant amount. We have 20 lb CO2 tanks available for purchase and exchange as well as CO2 regulators, controllers and monitors.


We carry a variety of nursery pots and saucers, including standard nursery flats and inserts. Our concentration is not on decorative containers but rather functional containers. Sizes are from small 4” pots all the way to 4’x4’ raised bed containers and we also carry air pruning fabric containers.

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is especially well-suited to growing indoors. Fluorescents produce two to three times more light than incandescent bulbs for the same amount of energy. They are the most inexpensive lights for indoor gardening. The fluorescent lights we carry are meant specifically for agricultural use and are not the same as “shop lights” found at big box hardware stores. We have a range of fluorescent light fixtures and replacement bulbs from single CFL bulbs meant for any lamp fixture all the way to 4’ long 8-bulb fixtures.

Growing Media

We carry a wide variety of growing media for both soil growing and hydroponics. We have single components such as perlite, vermiculite, coco and peat moss for building soils or soilless mixes and we also carry many high quality pre-mixed soils. Hydroponic growers who use rock wool as a growing medium will be pleased to find we carry rock wool in all shapes and sizes. We also have Hydroton (round expanded clay pebbles) and Rocks (expanded shale) for deep water culture and more.

HID Lighting

HID means High Intensity Discharge. These lights are extremely bright and are typically within a spectrum range of 2,000Kelvin to 10,000Kelvin. Some of the energy exuded by these lights is put off as heat, so they are normally bright and hot. Using HID lights will significantly increase the yield of an indoor gardener. Our store carries magnetic and digital ballasts for HID bulbs ranging from 400-1000 watts, along with a selection of fixtures to house the bulbs. We also carry Light Emitting Ceramic fixtures (LEC, also known as Ceramic Metal Halide or CMH). The technology for LEC/CMH fixtures has been around for some time but now agricultural spectrum bulbs are available for them. LED lights technically do not fall under HID lighting, but we can order high quality LED fixtures also.


Using hydroponic methods to grow plants:
Maximizes the growing space. Plant roots are not competing with each other like they do in soil. You can grow more plants in a smaller space.
Takes much less water than traditional soil methods. There is less water wasted.
Eliminates soil-borne diseases. You can grow more heirloom-type plants that are normally susceptible to soil-borne diseases.
Eliminates weeding altogether!
Results in faster growth. Everything grows faster using hydroponics.


We carry materials for growing your own mushrooms including pre-sterilized spawn media and injectable port lids for canning jars. Home grown mushrooms are always fresher than store bought. Many home gardeners are interested in growing their own mushrooms because they are interested in pairing the excellent flavor of their garden produce with the superior qualities of mushrooms they have grown themselves.


Our nutrient selection is very broad and includes both soil nutrients and hydroponic nutrients. We have nutrient components such as earthworm castings, Azomite and bat guanos for people who want to mix their own fertilizers and we also carry organic nutrients. The liquid hydroponic nutrient lines we carry each have their own feed chart so a gardener can determine how much fertilizer to use for different phases of growth-seedlings, clones and transplants all the way up to mature plants. Look on our website for interactive feed charts-these feed charts will help you figure out how much nutrient you will need to use.

Pest and Disease

The focus of our pest and disease department is to be as organic AND effective as possible. We do not carry glyphosphate (a popular weed killer) nor do we carry insecticides in the neonicotinoid family. The ultimate goal of an organic gardener is to have a well-balanced ecosystem so no insecticides are needed, however that can be challenging. For times of infestation, we carry many OMRI listed insecticides that can be helpful when used correctly. We are always happy to
help identify pests and diseases to the best of our abilities and try to match the best tactic to resolve the problem.


The beginning of a plant’s life can be a rewarding time and will set the stage for the general health of the plant. Our propagation equipment includes standard nursery trays and inserts, humidity domes, seedling heat mats and thermostats, seedling soil mix, rock wool plugs, cloning gels and solutions (meant for consumable plants and not only ornamental plants), and much more.


We carry seeds from Strictly Medicinal Seeds, High Mowing Seeds, Baker Creek Seeds, Seed Saver’s Exchange Seeds, and Sow True Seeds (in Asheville). Our stock of seeds is always open-pollinated, heirloom and/or organic. We do not carry artificially genetically modified seeds because it is important to us to do the best we can to connect people with plants that are natural and bred with traditional methods. Our focus is on vegetable and herb seeds, but we also carry flower seeds for flowers that are beneficial insect attractors. These are essential for having a balanced ecosystem in the garden.


Growing plants inside your home can be difficult if you have small children or pets. Tents contain your indoor garden into a space that is easily cleaned and kept separate from your living space. Humidity levels are easier to maintain inside a tent, and the bright lights that plants need to grow are reflected back onto the plants in the tent and blocked out from your sight. Grow tents come in different sizes, from a tiny 2’x2’ tent meant just for one plant all the way up to a 20’x20’ tent! Popular tent sizes are 4’x4’ and 5’x5’. These tents already have ports built into them for inline fans or ducting to remove heat from the grow area. We keep several different brands and sizes in stock.

Water Treatment

Since our store is focused on urban gardening, most of our customers use tap water. Our tap water contains chlorine and oftentimes a persistent chlorine called chloramine. These ingredients are used to keep our water supply clean and free from microorganisms that could make us and our pets sick, however, chlorine and chloramine will also kill the beneficial microorganisms that are so essential to organic gardening. We carry water filter units and replacement filters that capture chlorine and other chemicals found in tap and well water so your most basic ingredient (water) is in the best condition for gardening.



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